Update - Antidetect Browser - AdsPower Vietnam


● Automated task Check Token
● Automated task Check Consumption Data (Facebook Ads data)

● Authorization method

● Search accounts by searching IP in Account management
● Search all users in permission management
● Select browser version for ua
● Increase media device fingerprint
● The list of task management can be customized

● Support ssh proxy

● New ASN option for IP automatic agent module (only supports Luminati dynamic residence, namely Lumauto)

● Support cookie format exported by Firefox

● Add group management to create group

● Add grouping fields to task management

● Browser accounts:

1) Modify “Batch” to “Group”

2) Select the IP of 911s5/lumauto/oxylabsauto for the proxy type in the import/edit proxy, and optimize the country interface

3) The online recycle bin function, the deleted account information can be viewed in the recycle bin

4) Open the browser and display the time zone as Greenwich Mean Time


● FB automation:

1) Check combination increased: check FB advertising restriction status, check the number of friends


● Application Center:

1) Launch Amazon order data report application plug-in

2) Add fields “CPM” and “CPC” to the fb data report


● Team management:

1) Authority management, users increase identity types, support managers to manage members under their names

2) When creating a user group, support selecting function permissions at the same time


● Customer service:

1) Add a dedicated account manager entrance in the lower left corner of the system, only for super administrators

2) Add “Feedback” entry in the lower left corner of the system

● Account management:

1) Share account, add user mailboxes that support sharing to the same team

2) Added options for exporting scenes

3) Account management interface supports custom display columns

4) Add “Unallocated” batches. Accounts with unallocated batches do not support authorization


● Team management:

1) Edit account notes, modify agents, modify fingerprints, edit accounts, change countries/regions, and support administrators to assign authority management

2) Operation log is online, including open log, login log, account management and batch management

3) The payment method adds support for Bitcoin payment


● Randomize the name of creating BM/create homepage

● Add the “Paste Simulation Input” plug-in in the Application Center

● Add “System Time Zone Setting” and “Language Setting” to user account information

● Browser fingerprints support fingerprint dimensions protected by geographic location, flash, and port scanning

● Proxy IP: support the proxy types of oxylabs residential proxy 911s5, lumauto, oxylabsauto, fill in the country and region information, and fill in the city without filling in the state

● Batch management: Add the field “Create User” to display the name/email of the user who created the batch; support the top batch; support batch export

● Add WebMoney payment

● Optimize the “Browser path error” and “911 path error” issues, and add the reset and restore function

● IP automatic proxy increase dimension: only proxy “last IP”

● Sharing account records historical mailboxes, displaying historical shared mailbox accounts

● Batch authorization/mobile account, support one-click to select authorized user groups

● The Mac version of the client supports automatic upgrade, and the latest version of the client must be downloaded from the official website

● The sharing account function supports trial version customers to use

● New optimization points for importing accounts: support for quickly creating 1~1000 blank browser environments; support no de-duplication

● New optimization points for enterprise settings: add “account platform”, after filling in the domain name, the system’s own account platform option in “import account” will be overwritten; support to choose whether to export proxy type and proxy information; support to select the time zone used by the system

● Windows and Mac browser kernels are upgraded to version 86

● Mac version browser supports WebGL image fingerprint

● Windows browser adds fingerprint support DoNotTrack, HardwareConcurrency, DeviceMemory

● The self-service withdrawal function is launched to support independent withdrawal promotion invitation rewards

● Bookmarks uploaded by enterprise settings are compatible with html format

● Support to modify the cache path

● Add “WebGL image” to fingerprint, support noise mode or off mode

● Mac version client update (requires the official website to download the latest version), fully supports the fingerprints of the Windows version client

● The imported file supports the resolution column ‘resolution’ and supports filling in the resolution of each browser environment

● Added optimization points: Accounts with security locks are not allowed to be deleted, and package details are added to the self-service recharge window that cannot be logged in

● Batch modification of batch management supports adding/deleting authorized users, deleting batch pop-up window to display batch name

● Add new cookie format compatibility

● Account editing allows editing to open the URL specified by the browser

● Support WebRTC fingerprint

● Added ‘Google Service’ to Enterprise Settings, which supports browser login to Google account

● Fingerprint resolution supports customization

● The proxy type supports https

● Added ‘buy long-term package’ in enterprise settings to support the enjoyment of long-term package discounts

● The host of the proxy type lumauto is changed to a drop-down selection box, which supports the selection of channels in different countries

● Add a ‘safety lock’ mechanism to enterprise settings to prevent the same browser environment from being opened by multiple users at the same time

● After screening batches, you can directly select automated operations, that is, you can select batches to perform automation

● The automated options of the import window support multiple selections

● The account ID of the task pop-up window is changed to the serial number and displayed in abbreviated form. The opened browser is not allowed to be deleted

● Share account support account notes

● The personal number binding credit card function is online

● Permission management increased the account page “display account password” permission

● Fix gmail auto fill problem

● Support batch editing of account notes

● Single-day budget support interval search

● Account management settings increase the option of opening fb page acceleration

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